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Selling Your Home, for Less

Posted by Jaysonnhs on Saturday, October 22, 2011,
Homes reclaimed through foreclosure are a reality in many neighbourhoods. As a result the competition is tough for would-be sellers who must go up against the bargain prices being offered on foreclosed properties.

Obviously, improving your home’s condition and appearance can help you to sell it So, following are a few tips to making relatively
inexpensive improvements design to help your home stand out against foreclosed properties in your neighbourhood:
  • One of the most cost-effectiv...

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Fall Cleaning

Posted by Jaysonnhs on Thursday, October 13, 2011,
With summer behind us, now is the time for a thorough pre-holiday cleaning. But instead of using harsh chemicals to cut through dirt and grime, there are many natural products that can get your house shiny clean, without harming the environment.

If you prefer not to spend the money on all-natural cleaners, you can also concoct your own using simple ingredients including baking soda and vinegar. The advantages of these products are that they are less expensive, are not toxic to pets or people...

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