Selling Your Home, for Less

October 22, 2011
Homes reclaimed through foreclosure are a reality in many neighbourhoods. As a result the competition is tough for would-be sellers who must go up against the bargain prices being offered on foreclosed properties.

Obviously, improving your home’s condition and appearance can help you to sell it So, following are a few tips to making relatively
inexpensive improvements design to help your home stand out against foreclosed properties in your neighbourhood:
  • One of the most cost-effective things to do is likewise one of the most valuable - ridding the property of excess furniture and other accumulations. To de-clutter your property most effectively, you may perhaps like to hire a professional organizer, which you can get for under $100.
  • One of your home’s biggest selling points is the kitchen. Many real-estate agents recommend focusing on improving the look for this room, but it need not be as expensive as you might think. Wood cabinets can be revived with a little cleaning and oiling with lemon. For cabinets that need more work, sand and re-stain them, after which the addition of new hardware will help them to stand out. Other kitchen improvements should include replacing worn flooring. Vinyl and tile are cheap options.
  • Painting walls and trim are a great idea. Be sure to prep paint areas well by sanding and surfacing. It’s very important to select your paint wisely. Don’t be shy about paying a little extra for quality because it will pay dividends.
  • Even if you have limited resources to pay a professional to do large jobs such as roofing or electrical, it’s important to avoid doing these jobs yourself. Optimize your limited resources by seeking competitive bids from at least three contractors.

Fall Cleaning

October 13, 2011
With summer behind us, now is the time for a thorough pre-holiday cleaning. But instead of using harsh chemicals to cut through dirt and grime, there are many natural products that can get your house shiny clean, without harming the environment.

If you prefer not to spend the money on all-natural cleaners, you can also concoct your own using simple ingredients including baking soda and vinegar. The advantages of these products are that they are less expensive, are not toxic to pets or people...

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Virginia Is for More than Just Lovers

September 20, 2011

For those looking for a new home builder to create your dream house, consider the benefits of living in Virginia, which balances pristine rural natural beauty with urban sophistication. According to Harris Interactive research, Virginia is the 14th most desirable place to live in the United States. One of the top tourist destinations among Americans, Virginia embraces its historic, colonial past, offering a step back in time at attractions such as Williamsburg, which still has many original b...

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New Housing Communities in California

December 19, 2008

Looking to relocate to the California area?

Check out these new housing communities provided by some of the finest home builders in California. Each community listed below offers a quick description of the area, pricing, and house details. To learn more please feel free to contact the builder directly via their website, which is also listed!

New Community in Manteca, CA

Raymus Homes has an exceptional new home community in Manteca, CA - Ken Hill Estates - that provides eleven oversized lots b...

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